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Join a Porn Community with Porn Forums

No matter what kind of porn you’re into, you’re going to want to get the most out of it by using a porn forum. There are message boards where you can talk with other people who love the same exact things as you do. It’s a great way to find out what’s new and which sites you should be checking out. The best thing about them is that most of the members use them as a way to share the porn pictures and videos they have with everyone else. That means that forums are the best places to get amateur porn that you won’t be able to see anywhere else on the internet.

Each forum has its own niche, so there’s a message board for everyone here. If you’re into giant women then you can spend your time at Giantess City. Anyone looking for boobs just has to check out Tits in Tops to get their fill of them. Even piss fans have a porn forum called Pee Fans where men and women share their pee pictures and videos with everyone else. There’s no way you won’t be able to find a forum that gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

The best part of it all is the fact that most of the porn you get is all amateur. The people making it just enjoy doing it and they want you to see what they have for you. You can also share your own whenever you want. If you’re not into amateur porn, there are lots of premium videos shared as well. Just check out any forum that looks good to you and you’ll have more porn than you’ll be able to see. It doesn’t get any better than that and there’s always someone sharing something brand new.


TheCamDude Reviews MyHentaiComics

MyHentaiComics is a great site that’s totally free for everyone to use. You can read anything you want and download single pages. There are ads to deal with, but they work to keep the site free. All of the comics come from independent artists and writers all over the world. The artwork is great and the writing is a lot of fun to read. There are long stories to catch up on and new ones to start reading as they come out. There are updates all of the time and always something new to find on the site.

The Gloryhole category on My Hentai Comics is a great way to check everything out. It’s not a niche that you can find on a lot of different comic sites. There are tons of great stories to get involved with. Some of them show women who make their livings working different holes. You can follow them as they practice in the shower with stick up dildos. Others follow girlfriends who sneak out on their lovers to play with gloryholes at night. They’re all really fun stories with fleshed-out characters and plenty of back issues to keep you entertained for a long to come.

The MyHentaiComics site works really well and there shouldn’t be any issues with using it. The only real downside to the site is the fact that you can’t view any books as a slideshow. You have to manually click from one page to the next. That means more pop-ups to close out with every click. You can comment on anything you want with a Disqus account. You can easily follow along with new updates and the people who make the comics are very passionate about what they do. It’s a lot of fun and can quickly become the site you head to first for your comics.

Tons of great artwork and writing
Site is totally free to use
Gloryhole category is filled with unique concepts to find

Lots of pop ups and redirects to deal with
Need a Disqus account in order to comment on anything
No way to play comics as slideshows

MyHentaiComics is a great sex comic site that’s free for everyone to use. It’s filled with high-quality comics from all over the world. They’re independently created by people who are passionate about what they do. The Gloryhole category is a great way to check it all out. It’s a unique kind of concept that you can’t find in a lot of places. The site is easy to get around and you can download any single page. It’s a great place to get all of the Hentai comics that you’ll ever want to read and follow.


InstantFap Review

InstantFap is a really fun, free image site that gives you thousands upon thousands of hot women to look at. It’s all organized into a ton of different categories to make sure you can find what you’re looking for quickly. The ads are kept to a minimum, but every image has a watermark on it. The real downside to the site is that there are no series. All of the images are one-offs. If you want to follow your favorite girls on Instant Fap, you’re going to be having some trouble. It’s all mostly professionally shot with just a few social media pics thrown in.

The CFNF category on InstantFap is a lot of fun to check out. It’s a pretty unique way to look at hot girls. All of the pics have at least one completely nude woman and one fully clothed girl. They’re usually getting up to some kind of trouble, so you never get bored of looking at them. Most come from porn sites, so there’s always naughty action to be seen. A large amount of the pics involve massage, which is a whole niche to itself. If you love the idea of two girl getting hot and heavy, but only one being naked, then this is your place.

The InstantFap site is well-designed and easy on the eyes. Everything is laid out in front of you, so you never have to go looking for anything. All of the categories are listed right at the side of the page. You can click on anything that you want and download the high-quality image free of charge. You won’t be bombarded with ads and your system won’t get bogged down with animations. The site is fast and gets you where you want to go right away. It’s constantly being updated, so you’ll never run out of women to look at.

CFNF is a unique category that show naked women with clothed women
Download high quality images for free
Tons of categories to make your searches easier

Most photos are single rather than part of a series
No comments or rating systems
Watermarks on every single image

InstantFap lets you check out hot girls getting completely naked, for free. The pics touch on every niche that you can imagine. There are plenty of categories that are very well organized. It makes it easy and fast to find whatever you’re looking for. The CFNF category is something that you just can’t find everywhere else. All of the images have a naked woman and clothed one. It’s a lot of fun to see what they’re getting up to in front of the camera. The site is worth a look and its always free.


Read HQBabes Review from TheCamDude

HQBabes offers free hight quality porn pics that you can look at and download for free. The problem is actually finding them. There are tons of redirects scattered all across the site. The links look exactly like the links that bring you to the galleries. You can never tell where you’re going to be ending up once you click it. You just have to hope for the best. The galleries are also coming from other paid sites. That means that you’ll still be getting plenty of ads, even when you find the right link. If you can get past all of that, you’ll be rewarded with gorgeous girls in professional glamour photos.

The Teen gallery is where you’re going to be finding the best photos. The girls here are all young and all hot. Their bodies are tight and they love to show them off to the camera. Some of them will be amateurs and other will be newcomers to the modeling world. You can catch them getting up to all different kinds of action. Some will just be posing, while others will be playing alone or with friends. If you’re looking for the hottest girls that HQ Babes has to offer, then this is where you want to be.

The site for HQBabes is pretty tough to get around. There’s no way to browse through the different categories. They’re not listed anywhere, so you have to rely on the search bar. If there’s some niche that you want to check out, you just have to punch it in and hope for the best. Aside from that, the galleries can be played as slideshows for you. Its one click and the images play one right after the other. You can download anything that you want in high quality. Everything opens in a new tab, so be prepared to have a ton of them open on your browser.

View and download high quality pictures for free
Galleries can be played as a slideshow
Teen category has hot, young girls showing themselves off

Tons of redirects to pay sites
No way to rate or comment on anything
No way to browse categories

HQ Babes has hot girls that you can check out and download for free. The pics are high quality and show you everything that you want. The Teen category is where you can find the hottest of the hot. The girls are young, tight and love showing off to the camera. You’ll just have to be ready to deal with tons of redirects to different pay sites. A lot of links will take you away from the site and you won’t be able to tell the difference between them and real links.


PopJAV Featured On CamDude

PopJAV is a Japanese porn site with more video than you can ever watch in a lifetime. It’s all organized into a ton of different categories. They hit on every niche from schoolgirl to MILF and from peeping to air control. The problem is that some of the videos have the wrong tags attached. You can click on a video in the censored section only to see “uncensored” as the tag attached to it. It’s kind of a crap shoot when you’re looking for something specific. It’s still nice to have thousands of other videos to check out on Pop JAV if the one you wanted to see first isn’t what you though it was.

The Dead Drunk category is pretty unique to the site. It’s filled with hot Asian women having sex while drinking. They can also be totally passed out while it all happens to them. It’s a lot of fun to watch and you can spend a lot of time here. If you need something specific to draw you to the site, then this is definitely it. Take one look and you probably won’t want to leave the section. The women themselves are always hot and usually young and tight. You can’t really ask for more from PopJAV an Asian porn site.

PopJAV is well put together and runs fast. You’ll just have to deal with the ads on every single page. You can stream and download anything that you want for free. Just keep an eye out for the pop under ads. They’ll end up slowing down your system if you don’t close them out as soon as you can. Aside from the occasional mistakes, most of the videos are organized well. You can find what you want very quickly, then you get options for the mirror site to play them. You get the one that works best for you.

Dead Drunk category has hot Japanese women fucking while drunk or passed out
Tons of categories with number of videos listed
Lots of uncensored videos

No rating or commenting on anything
Constant ads on every page
Tags not always accurate

You definitely want to check out PopJAV. It’s filled with hot Asian girls getting it in every way imaginable. The Dead Drunk category will show you gorgeous Japanese girls passed out and groped by everyone around them. You don’t have to feel bad, though. They always wake up and end up enjoying themselves. Everything is organized and you get to stream and download everything for free. All you have to do is take one look to see that it’s the site that you’ve been looking for. The categories will help you find exactly the Japanese girl you need.


8Muses Reviewed by TheCamDude

8Muses is a great comics site with tons of nudity and sex. It’s easy to use and the books come from different artists and writers all over the world. The art is great and the stories always keep you coming back for more. Everything is organized by the people who are making the comics. That means that you can see everything from your favorite creators. The archive is massive and there are new updates coming all of the time. There’s also a forum where you can talk about your favorites and interact directly with the people who are making them.
The Frozen Parody Comics section on 8Muses is where you can have the most fun on this site. It starts out with just Frozen characters, but other Disney characters are quickly added. There are multiple stories from multiple people that you can follow along for as long as you want. One series follows Anna as she desperately tried to get pregnant by her sister’s husband to give them a baby. What she doesn’t know is that he’s only in it for the sex. Another follows the sisters as they happen upon Beauty and the Beast’s castle in a snow storm. They sneak in and find that it’s really Beauty who’s holding Beast captive as her sex slave.
The 8Muses site works really well and shouldn’t give you any problems. It’s totally free to use and the ads aren’t terrible. There are just a few that are disguised as links to other series. It’s a fair trade to keep everything available without a charge. You can look at every book in full screen and turn the pages with a simple click. It’s a great site for anyone who likes comics and wants a massive archive that they can check out. The stories are always updating and there’s always more to read.

Frozen parody comics section brings in other Disney characters for fun
Read comics full size and progress by clicking
Great artwork and stories by different artists

Redirect ads that look like links
No user ratings or comments sections
No way to download entire books

8Muses is a great site with great comics to read for free. They come from a collection of different artists and writers. There are some ads, but they keep the site free. The Frozen Parody Comics section is a lot of fun to read. It starts out with just the Frozen characters, but other Disney mainstays are quickly added. The site works really well and it’s all very simply designed. It’s a great way for anyone to get their adult comics and have plenty to read. The archive is massive and there are new updates all of the time.


TubeGalore Review from TheCamDude

First off, TubeGalore is already known as a popular porn tube index site, and even though the content is hosted in another place, the website is excellent to use to searching for specific categories of porn content and finding your new favorite porn movies.
The website is hugely convenient because of the wide variety of categories it organizes movies into. You will still need to browse through the interface and use their thumbnails, but if your preference is a search engine, know that TubeGalore does have one.
TubeGalore is a simple interface that shows a huge porn collection, or a combination of collections, to its users. Essentially, TubeGalore is an index of porn tube sites that make it easy to find for what you crave among the large numbers of tube sites out there.
With almost every imaginable category, TubeGalore is perfect for finding that one porn movie you used to watch but lost track of, and it is a beautiful place to find a massive selection of porn, with over 50 million indexed videos. Get exactly what your heart and your hormones desire.

The porn index on TubeGalore is easy to use and quite reliable
TubeGalore is a responsive website with quick to load previews, searches, and browsing ability
The number of porn categories on this website is massive, making it both fun and easy to filter and search for what you want
TubeGalore is entirely free, the best price

Like many porn tube websites, the design of the site is outdated
It would be nice to see animated gif previews when hovering, a feature that the site does not have
The site indexes numerous porn tube sites, meaning they do not have control of the quality of the movies on the site. Some will be HD, and others will not be

For people who love porn categories, this is the free porn tube index site you will want to be at. The number of porn categories here is massive, and there are a number of other pros, as well as some cons, to TubeGalore as an adult site.



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